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Is there a cost to obtain the card?

The Estate Card is free2 however for security purposes, you must load $10 on the card at the time of enrollment.

Can I obtain multiple cards?

You may sign up for more than one account but only one card can be issued per account.

Where can I use my Estate Card?

You can use the Estate Card wherever Visa® debit is accepted.

How does it work?

After signing up for the card and loading funds, when one makes a purchase they earn a percentage of the transaction back in their account.1


A family goes out to dine at a local restaurant which is offering a 10% reward. Their bill comes to $200 and they pay with the Estate Card. A $20 reward is earned and credited to their account.1

How do I know which local merchants participate in the program?

You can find a full listing of local participating merchants by clicking the “Rewards” link and browsing the Local section.

How do I know which online merchants participate in the program?

After you install our Card Rewards browser extension, your browser will let you know if you are shopping with a participating merchant. You can also find a full listing of the online participating merchants by clicking the “Rewards” link above and browsing the Online section.

Can I use my Estate Card along with coupons or other promotions?

For local merchants, coupons or other promotional items use will be at the discretion of the merchant. For online merchants, coupon or promotional codes will likely work but will invalidate the transaction for a tax reward. Check our deal section to take advantage of additional coupons or promotions that when used will not invalidate the transaction for a tax reward.1

How long will it take for me to see my earned reward?

Your transactions will be available to view in your online reward account within 1-3 days on local purchases and 7-14 days on online purchases.

Can I return an item and get a full refund on my purchase?

You may make a return according to the merchant’s policy; however, the rewards earned on the original transaction will be subtracted from your rewards balance.

How do I use the Browser Extension?

After downloading it here, you can see instructions on how to use it here.

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